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Our Story

The company was founded in 2012 to provide services to businesses that leverage world-class data-driven technologies to their potential, and provide the ROI the customer expects from their investment. 

Inspired by the potential of AI-based business cases, ELYADATA started by providing R&D services on Artificial intelligence and data-related fields (Data mining/Data Architecture/...).  

With Artificial intelligence becoming the one of the pillar for business growth, we continue to grow our services by including consulting practice with expert technical consultants that have the highly sought-after combination of software development and Data experience.

Who We Are

We are passionate about technology, new ideas and  out-of-the-box thinking. We believe that with the right experts AI and Data projects can provide huge success yo our customers. 

Our passion and our challenging internal and customers projects lead us to not only adopt new advanced technologies. But, we are also contributors to the scientific  and technology community by means of R&D projects. We believe that to deliver successful end-to-end AI and Data projects we need a combination of expertises, such us,  Software engineering, Algorithmic, Business and communication.   

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure we are delivering the best and the right AI and data solutions forward to our clients  and ensuring that those solutions are impactful. We can only realize our vision by walking side-by-side with our clients  and our partners. Our Vision is about helping our clients to reach the full potential of Data and Artificial intelligence. 





AI & Data science

We use artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics to help our clients spot AI opportunities and eliminate barriers to AI innovation. 

With our expertise in applied AI and software development we work with you to define possibilities and make it reality. 

Software Engineering

We set up dedicated teams for every project to deliver relevant and impactful Software solutions. 
We focus on efficiency and collaboration with internal IT teams to improve your business and help you innovate with less risk and better results.


Data Scraping & annotation

Each AI initiative needs data and human knowledge to learn. We provide the service to collect data for your projects and/or to use our internal people to annotate your data.


For example, for text mining project, we have an internal tool to annotate the sentiment and the entities within a dateset of texts.

Intelligent Process automation

We use proven RPA software to implement your first steps towards Digital transformation. RPA (Robotic process automation) is the use of AI tools handle high-volume, repeatable and simple tasks that previously required humans to perform.  These tasks can include queries, data entry,  calculations and emails/documents verification and classification.

Research projects

We use our research team, to help our customers find solutions to "unsolved problems". That is, we build, evaluate and test new AI methodologies to solve specific problem.

We are working with international universities in several research projects.



Deep Knowledge

We believe that without a deep knowledge of AI fundamentals any experts cannot link the AI capabilities and our client's business opportunities. At ELYADATA, the core team are international Ph.D. level experts. Internally,  we are investing on training our junior joiners on AI and technology through very advanced internal research end-to-end projects

Years of Experience

Through our journey from 2012, we improved our skills towards better business understanding. We did it with our customers. We have a prestigious customers from top insurance companies and banks in Europe to challenger startups.

Open and transparent communication

From the kick-off discussion until the final delivery, we commit to communicate the real challenges and risks of the project to our customers. 

We advise and support our customers on how to action the full potential of the involved project by all the relevant supports (e.g. PoC, Demo, Business cases, Roadmap, ...)

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